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    Brad Karoleff is a lifelong coin collector with a specialization in the early coins of the Philadelphia Mint. He is the proprietor of Coins Plus which operates four locations in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area.  
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  • Coin clubs provide education, companionship

    Coin clubs were the indispensable backbone of the hobby in the past, but many have recently fallen on hard times.  Some clubs have ceased to exist and others are drawing smaller crowds to their meetings while others seem to thrive. What is the answer? I’m sure it differs as much as the items that their memberships collect. 

    Some clubs have the traditional club auction at the end of the meeting while others have abandoned these sales. A club near me has a split the pot and a “lucky” member drawing. When you come into the meeting you can purchase a chance to win the pot. A random member number is drawn and if that member is present and purchased a ticket they would win the pot. If the member is not in attendance, or if they did not purchase a ticket, the pot grows. 

    Our local club focuses on educational programs. We have a speaker at each general meeting. Many times the featured speaker is from out of town and offers a fresh face and a change of pace from one of our regular members. Either way, the knowledge of the speaker enriches the membership’s numismatic experience.

    There seems to be many collectors that do not take advantage of the opportunity of attending a coin club for the education and companionship. I often wonder why a collector would be unwilling to venture out to spend some quality time with likeminded individuals. The opportunity to share your numismatic experiences with each other will pay huge dividends. Try it- look up a local coin club on the American Numismatic Association’s website and give it a try. You may become a regular.