• Ron Drzewucki


    Ron Drzewucki has been a professional numismatist since 1984 and a member of Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) since 1995. He has for years been a dealer "known as having a superb eye for coins" and "has the experience and discriminating eye to make those important distinctions between grades", according to the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's newsletter. Ron ran a successful company dealing in certified rare coins and modern coins before joining Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in January of 2005.. Grading rare, silver, and gold vintage coins are Ron's specialty. Ron was with NGC for 7 years, and was a shareholder for 6 years before selling his shares in May, 2012.

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  • 2013 Mexico Silver Libertad Coins Offer Precious Silver at Low Premiums

    The Mexico City Mint was established in 1535 by a decree from the Spanish Crown to create the first mint in the Americas. The mint’s silver eight-real coins (“Pieces of Eight”) circulated widely in the Americas and Asia well into the 19th century and became the basis of the modern national currencies of many countries in these parts of the world, including the United States Silver Dollar. This long tradition of issuing world-standard silver coins was reestablished in 1982 with the introduction of the “Libertad” legal tender silver coins, each containing 1 troy oz. of 99.9% pure silver.  The new 2013 bullion coins in this popular series continue the beautiful, historic designs inaugurated in 1996.

    The obverse design features the Angel of Independence–modeled after the famous golden statue built to commemorate the centennial of the beginning of Mexico’s War of Independence. The reverse of the Libertad silver coin features the Mexican coat-of-arms–an eagle with a snake in its mouth, standing on a cactus. According to legend, Mexico City was established on the spot that an eagle, perched on a prickly pear cactus, was seen devouring a snake.

    With silver down about 20% in the last 6 months and about 40% from the high level reached less than two years ago, it might be the right time to buy. Dr. Jeff Lewis, Editor of Silver Coin Investor writes “When the prevailing silver market manipulation by the relative few shorts is eventually overcome by the common sense of the much larger horde of private investors, the market for silver will revert back to the fundamental principles that have been driving the price of silver higher for years.”

    Modern Coin Wholesale offers the 2013 Mexico Libertad at a very low premium over current melt—and these Libertads offer collectors and investors an easy way to accumulate precious silver at well below very recent price levels.