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William T. Gibbs

William was appointed the managing editor effective May 1, 2015. He joined the Coin World editorial staff in 1976 as an assistant editor for "Collectors' Clearinghouse" and later became a senior staff writer before being appointed news editor. As managing editor, he manages the day-to-day editorial operations for Coin World, both print and online, and leads the editorial staff. He also serves as chief copy editor for all Coin World publications, including for all books published by Coin World since 1985. He has been project editor of mulitple editions of the Coin World Almanac. Bill began collecting coins at the age of 10 and soon discovered Coin World. As a teen interested in numismatics and journalism, he identified a writing position on the staff of Coin World as a dream job, which was realized shortly after he graduated from Bowling Green State University with a major in journalism. He collects store cards and medals depicting Adm. George Dewey of Spanish-American War fame.

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Counting down to the end of 2015 and pondering the top 10 stories

Every year about this time, the Coin World editorial staff begins thinking about the most important stories we’ve covered since the first of the year, narrowing the list to 10 after several rounds of voting. We then recap the year within our pages and at our website. While we haven’t finalized our plans as yet, you’ll see our list of the top stories for 2015 in about a month.

We also want to know your top stories of the year. Will your list include the release of the 2015 Coin and Chronicles sets by the U.S. Mint?  (While the editorial staff hasn’t voted yet, I can confidently say that one will make our list.)  How about the impending record sales of American Eagle silver bullion coins? 

If paper money is your focus, we’ve covered a lot of news in that area as well. Will your list include confirmation that a woman’s portrait will be placed on the $10 Federal Reserve note in 2020? How about the surfacing of a number of previously unknown national bank notes?

For world coins, a lot has happened during the year, including a new portrait for Queen Elizabeth II on the coinage.

Let us know your picks for the year’s top stories at www.facebook.com/coinworld and at cweditor@coinworld.com
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