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William was appointed the managing editor effective May 1, 2015. He joined the Coin World editorial staff in 1976 as an assistant editor for "Collectors' Clearinghouse" and later became a senior staff writer before being appointed news editor. As managing editor, he manages the day-to-day editorial operations for Coin World, both print and online, and leads the editorial staff. He also serves as chief copy editor for all Coin World publications, including for all books published by Coin World since 1985. He has been project editor of mulitple editions of the Coin World Almanac. Bill began collecting coins at the age of 10 and soon discovered Coin World. As a teen interested in numismatics and journalism, he identified a writing position on the staff of Coin World as a dream job, which was realized shortly after he graduated from Bowling Green State University with a major in journalism. He collects store cards and medals depicting Adm. George Dewey of Spanish-American War fame.

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Mint to issue another Reverse Proof coin

The U.S. Mint caught the collector community off-guard Feb. 6 when it announced that it would be issuing two special 2015 Roosevelt silver dimes as part of a set to contain a Proof 2015-W March of Dimes silver dollar. 

The Reverse Proof 2015-P Roosevelt dime to be in the set is a first for the denomination and the ninth Reverse Proof U.S. coin overall. 
A collector could fairly easily create a mini-set or exhibit of Reverse Proof coins, though many are made from expensive platinum and gold. The mini-set contains (so far!):
  • A 2006-W American Eagle 1-ounce gold $50 coin.
  • A 2006-P American Eagle silver dollar.
  • A 2007-W American Eagle half-ounce platinum $50 coin.
  • A 2011-P American Eagle silver dollar.
  • A 2012-S American Eagle silver dollar.
  • A 2013-W American Eagle silver dollar.
  • A 2013-W American Buffalo 1-ounce gold $50 coin.
  • A 2014-W Kennedy silver half dollar.
Mint officials have also said that collectors should expect additional Mint products with Reverse Proof coins in 2015, including a Reverse Proof set or sets to mark the 50th anniversary of the production of Proof coins at the San Francisco Mint. 
The other silver dime in the March of Dimes set — a Proof 2015-W Roosevelt dime — is special, too. Until now, all standard Proof Roosevelt dimes were struck either at the Philadelphia Mint (1950 to 1964) or at the San Francisco Mint (1968 to date). The West Point Mint has struck Roosevelt dimes before, though: a 1996-W copper-nickel clad version included in the 1996 Uncirculated Mint set. 
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Another anniversary for San Francisco ??? Didn't we just have a SF set ?? saturation and overkill ! They ( mint ) should space out there anniversary sets , What are they going to celebrate next , the first flush toilet in the mint , how about when they went to steam presses back in the day . Seems like there have been a lot of celebrations in the last 9 years starting with the 20th ann. 3 piece set in 2006 , to many ? you be the judge . If your a ASE collector which I am you just have to pony up more money , and that is a bummer !!