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In this month's Editor's Q&A, Coin World's Steve Roach chats with young collector Peyton Souder at the American Numismatic Association's Summer Seminar. We chat about women in the hobby and she provides some guidance to young collectors looking to get involved in the hobby (along with a shout-out to the Greater Jacksonville Coin Club!).

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Steve Roach: Hey everyone. It's Steve Roach, editor-at-large for Coin World and this is your Monday Morning Brief. 

One of my favorite things to do is the Editor's Q&A towards the back of the issue. I get to speak with people who inspire me, who interest me, and who help me see the hobby in a different way. Today I'm chatting with my friend, Peyton Souder. Now she's in my class on coin writing, and we've talked a lot about the role of women in the hobby, and how to expand that role. 

How did you get introduced to coins?

Peyton Souder: Well when I was really young I started going to the flea market with my dad, and he would look at coins himself and I would just sit, sort of patiently and wait, and I would look through the dollar bin of just various coins and there were a lot of Indian Head cents, Lincoln cents, dimes and stuff like that. I started with Indian Head cents with a Whitman album; I would just push the coins in. And then from there I started going to the coin club meetings with my dad, shows with my dad, and I ended up going to ANA Summer Seminar as soon as I possibly could. Since then I've been here every summer, and now I go to shows all the time. I love ANA. I'm just staying involved.

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SR: Now one of your projects is 101 tips for collectors.

PS: Yeah. 

SR: Give me two tips. 

PS: It's a project directed towards young numismatists because I'm fresh out of the YN age group, and so I'm treating it as a, sort of, what I've learned from being a young numismatist and things that I would aim towards YNs. One thing is to get involved with your local coin club. If it wasn't for my local coin club I probably never would have started coming to Summer Seminar and I never would have gotten as involved with the hobby as I am today. 

SR: Can you give a shout-out to your local coin club?

PS: Greater Jacksonville Coin Club, what's up?

And then another thing: Honestly, the first time I got a loupe I started looking at coins more in-depth and I looked at all of the greater details once I had a loupe and I was able to magnify and really get into depth and look at the grading of coins and look at all the details to really know what I was looking at. 

SR: What is a loupe?

PS: A loupe is a little magnification device. They have different powers. I don't have one on me. They help just sort of magnify any coin you're looking at. 

[Someone off camera offers Peyton a loupe to show viewers, and she responds:] Just toss it. [Hands appear with a  loupe, and Peyton shows it to the camera:] It just opens up and you hold the coin and look at the coin with the loupe. 

SR: How do you typically hold a coin?

PS: If it's in a slab, on the edges so you don't smudge the slab or anything like that. But if it's just the coin, never with it in your palm or never with your fingers on the face of the coin. Always hold it by the edges or the reeding I guess I would say. 

SR: Cool. Thanks everyone for watching. Get excited about this Q&A because it's wonderful. See you later.

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