Panda coins and medals: They're at the World's Fair of Money

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PandaAmerica is a California corporation founded in 1982 and located in Torrance, California. PandaAmerica, which takes its name from the highly collectible Chinese Panda coins, is in the coin industry as one of the key distributors of international collectible modern coins produced in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and base metals from around the world.

The company has earned a solid reputation as a long-term creative marketing partner of some of the most important mints around the world, such as Australia, Austria, China, France, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, and a number of other smaller countries and areas. While the Chinese Panda coins are the premier coin product we distribute, PandaAmerica has also worked as the official coin distributor for many other prestigious coins issues and events around the world — including coins and commemoratives for the Olympic Games. The company offers a wide variety of collectible coins ranging from rare 17th century coins to innovative modern coins that combine imagination with technological advances to produce coins in color and holograms.

The owners and staff at PandaAmerica have made hundreds of trips to Asia over the past 30 years — working with leading government mints, attending international coin shows, and meeting with clients. To bring their personalized service to the important Asian market, in 2011 the firm organized the Singapore International Coin Fair (SICF). The Singapore International Coin Fair, organized exclusively by PandaAmerica, is held over a 3-day weekend at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center. Over 10,000 attendees come each year, visiting exhibits from leading world mints and international dealers.

They are proud of the reputation they've built for excellent service as one of America’s leading coin companies, as is attested to by thousands of satisfied customers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them or visit their website.

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