U.S. Mint gets shot at redemption: Monday Morning Brief, Sept. 14

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Published : 09/14/15
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In the minds of many collectors who are also U.S. Mint customers, the bureau stumbled with its last three consecutive offerings of limited-edition numismatic products. Those same collectors are hoping with the noon release Sept. 16 of the 2015 John F. Kennedy Coin and Chronicles set that the Mint will succeed with its shot at redemption.

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Older Comments (3)
I was able to purchase my two Eisenhower sets from the mint but the problem I had is that neither came with the information booklet. I called the mint and my only recourse was to send them back for a refund. I didn't want a refund just the booklets they failed to send with the coins. The mint needs to handle their customers better.
I was the recipient of the Eisenhower snafu in trying to order. I tried to get on at the Noon opening time, but continually got a frozen screen from the Mint. I had two laptops and it was happening on both of them. I got a letter a while back and how things were going to be better with the new system. Well color me not impressed. Not looking forward to the Kennedy ordering as I have reservations as to whether I will encounter the same problem, hopefully not. :(.
I was able to purchase two JFK sets from the mint right after they went on sale. All told it took me 3 minutes to place my order and get my confirmation.