U.S. Mint changes medal set mintage limit?: Monday Morning Brief, Oct. 26, 2015

The United States Mint has eliminated the mintage limit originally announced for the 2015 First Spouse bronze medal set, and will strike them to order. Earlier issues remain expensive pieces in the program, however. 

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Good morning, welcome to the Monday morning brief, I’m Jeff Starck of Coin World. Three weeks ago I discussed my favorite annual product from the United States Mint. The four or five metal sets of bronze metals for first spouses. Specifically discussing sales of the 2015 set, which went on sale September 21st. Though originally announced as having a vintage limit of twenty-thousand sets the United States mint, on September 30th, has dropped that limit all together. Instead signaling to customers that it would strike as many sets as it could sell. The mint however, notified Coin World of that change on October 15th after seeing our video. The 2015 set features familiar names like: Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Lady Bird Johnson. This year’s vintage limit was originally going to be nearly double the ten-thousand-six-hundred-and-fifty examples sold in 2014. And more than 5,000 higher than the number sold in 2013. As we said three weeks ago, the mint appears to have correctly anticipated that more collectors would buy metals depicting modern first ladies: Because these collectors grew up with the first ladies in the news. If only the mint had been more willing to strike the metals to order in earlier years. If it had, collectors wouldn’t be faced with sticker shock on some of those earlier sets. Though each of the sets retailed for less than 20 dollars when new, some of the recent sets are proving to be stoppers. The 2013 set, which contains 5 metals, is now worth about 200 dollars or more. And despite its ultra low mintage the 2014 set, which includes Eleanor Roosevelt, is now in the 60-80 dollar range; that’s up 10 dollars from three weeks ago. Given the much tighter mintage the 2014 set could still prove to be a bargen buy right now. From coins to tockens, paper money, precious metals, and yes even metals. Coi World covers all the hobby news.


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