Monday Morning Brief Aug. 18, 2014

Published : 08/18/14
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This week Coin World's editor-in-chief, Steve Roach, looks at some of the trends that are shaping coin collecting right now. Drawing from a presentation he gave during the American Numismatic Association’s "Money Talks" lecture series at the recent ANA World's Fair of Money coin show, Steve identifies a few trends and relates them to the ANA show.

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Steve, excellent presentation today.
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That comment for Steve was by Steven Genovese
Well reported. Perhaps it's not an editor's place to make judgments, but it is MINE. Except for new people coming into the hobby, these various trends are largely negative.

In particular, the proliferation of coin types mimics the stamp market, which slew the Golden Goose by drowning collectors in new issues.

--Paul J. Bosco
Spot on observation, Paul. As I see it, the biggest downside for a collector looking at these modern, purposely low-mintage coins is the price is always very high---disproportionately so---seemingly because of the "rarity" of the issue, but more likely to cover the overhead of producing coins in such limited numbers and to squeeze as much money as possible out of the buyers.

Take the Royal Canadian Mint, for example. The RCM always had a plethora of coin offerings each year, but it really has become out of control these past few years with low-mintage issues. A lot of the products are very gimmicky: colorized, enameled, holograms, embedded with a Swarovski crystal or three, Venetian glass, $20-for-$20, $50-for-$50, $100-for-$100, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam. Half-ounce silver coins. No wait, 10-ounce coins. No wait, half-kilo coins. No wait, 1-kilo coins. And all, IMO, very much over-priced for what they buyer is actually getting.

John O.
Los Angeles
Much better CEO presentation over the 8/11 news release!! CW needs a Director of Public Information and Newscast. While hearing updates from the top is great, let's not confuse the roles CW executives play. Having the Prez fill in is ok, but not as the one charged with daily posts. After all, CW represents a multi-billion dollar industry and reaches out to dozens of interested parties both private and public. CW needs a REAL information professional to capture the intensity and depth of the important information release we should see daily. Put it in the budget boys & girls and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!