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Throughout the year, we publish additional "special" magazines in addition to our typical magazine schedule...

These Special Interest Publications -- intended to celebrate special events, milestones and individuals -- are included for FREE to all active subscribers of Coin World magazine. It's our way of giving back to you, our loyal readers, as a THANK YOU for your support.

And best of all... these are typically the MUST have issues of the year. These titles include:

  • Coin World Annual
  • Coin World Top 100 Coins
  • Coin World CW Most Influential People
  • The Coin World Dealer Directory

Below you can learn all about them PLUS access a FREE digital copy of each right now, no signup or login required.

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Last, if you just want to see a list of the winner names each year, visit our Winner List pages instead.


Table of Contents


Coin World Annual 2023

Coin World Top 100 Modern Coins (August, 2024)

Continuing our popular spotlight on Top 100 coins from a select subset of the numismatic world, this year we turn to Modern Coins.

This issue follows 2023's Top 100 US Coins, and will be distributed at the 2024 ANA World's Fair of Money, in IL, this August.

2024 Most Influential Coin World

Coin World Most Influential (May, 2024)

The 2024 edition of the Most Influential continues this popular tradition, started in 2021.

This wildly popular list, curated by Coin World editors, marks the 4th compendium of the most influential people in numismatics (succeeding the lists appearing in the 2023 MI, the 2022 Annual and the 2021 MI). See the latest list of winners for yourself.

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Coin World Annual 2023

2024 Coin World Dealer Directory

Every year since 2015, we've published this definitive directory consisting of all the must-know names in numismatics.

This is where you want to turn to when you're looking for a local dealer, a big auction house, someone to help you appraise your collection, or virtually any other collector service you can imagine.

Each issue is always updated with the latest contact info and services, ensuring this valuable reference piece is worth keeping on hand nearby.


Coin World Annual 2023

2024 Coin World Annual: The Most Influential Companies

This issue, published December 18, 2023, features our first ever foray into TWO areas: profiling the Most Influential Companies in Numismatics AND our brand new Mint Profiles.

This important issue is packed with much more, not the least of which is the 2023 Year in Review: our definitive look-back upon the seismic events that shaped numismatics in 2023.

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Coin World Top 100 US Rare Coins August 2023

Coin World Top 100 U.S. Rare Coins (August, 2023)

This represents the inaugural publication of our list of the top 100 US Rare Coins!

This special issue provides more insight into the coins chosen to be a part of the recently resurrected Coin World Trends.

Large, full color images are supplemented with value charts, information boxes and factual reference to the coin’s history. In addition, many coin profiles will offer the insight of today’s experts, further solidifying the coin’s importance.

Don't wait, check out this important issue for yourself below.

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Coin World Most Influential People May 2023

Coin World Most Influential (May, 2023)

The 2023 edition of the Most Influential succeeds our inaugural issue from 2021.

It's the third time we've polled the public for their opinions on this wildly popular list, with the 2nd list of winners having appeared inside the 2022's Coin World Annual publication

See the list of winners for yourself. Use the link below to see a FREE digital edition of this special issue, or secure your own physical copy (limited quantities available).

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Coin World Annual 2022

Coin World Annual (2022)

This spectacular 200-page Special Collector’s Edition includes:

  • An all-new list of the 100 Most Influential People in Numismatists, building on last year’s list of 60
  • NEW! Market Makers: The 100 Most Influential Companies 
  • Value Analysis of the Red Hot Coin Market
  • Year in Review
  • Unique Coins of the World
  • Much more

This oversized collector’s edition, like our other Special Interest Publications, is included FREE with your Coin World magazine subscription. (If you’re not subscribed yet, check out our  current offers).


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Coin World Most Influential People 2021

The Most Influential People in Numismatics. Period. (2021)

In celebration of 60 years of Coin World Magazine, we chose to recognize the Most Influential Numismatists from across the industry in this standalone publication for the first time. Ever.

We turned to our vast network of dealers, collectors, auctioneers and more to help identify this definitive list and then invited the public to cast their ballots.

And you did.

In early 2021, we brought this issue to life featuring the most influential living numismatists -- according to you. All born out in the glory of 164 pages in this epic one-time publication.

See it for Yourself

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* Are you looking for a list of all winners in the People, Companies and Coins categories? If so, see our Winner List pages.