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Week's Most Read: Cautionary tale of treasure hunters

A sign in the forefront identifies Limestone Way, Parwich, while St. Peter’s Church is seen in the distance, dating back to Norman times (1066 to 1154). Surrounding lands yield more ancient treasure finds.

Image courtesy of Derbyhire Dales District Council.

Each week, we publish at our website selected content from the print issue of the week’s Coin World as well as content written primarily for the online audience. 

Here are five of our most-read articles from the past week, in reverse order. 

5. Top grade Proof 1961 Franklin half dollar at Heritage FUN auction: The 1961 Franklin half dollar graded Proof 69 Ultra Cameo by NGC is one of 11 like-certified coins at the service with none finer.

4. 1915-D Lincoln cent graded MS-67 red is the finest of its kind: The finest-certified 1915-D Lincoln cent, graded MS-67 red by PCGS, sold for $43,200 at Heritage’s Jan. 10 Platinum Night auction. 

3. Texas collector finds rare JR-10 1829 Capped Bust, Curl Base 2 dime: The population of known 1829 Capped Bust, Curl Base 2, JR-10 dimes has increased to 41 with a find made in a bulk lot purchased on eBay. 

2. Apollo 11 Rocketship set ready for launch Feb. 28 from U.S. Mint: The U.S. Mint is launching sales for a limited-edition Rocketship set targeted toward introducing the hobby of coin collecting to children. 

1. A cautionary tale for would-be UK treasure hunters: Two treasure hunters in the UK obeyed the law after finding some coins in reporting the find, but they missed a key point in the code that governs such finds.

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