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Weekly World Coin Auctions begin July 5

Heritage Auctions will be expanding their World Coins category to include Weekly Internet-Only Auctions, replacing their Monthly Internet World Coin Auctions. The first auction will start on Thursday, July 5, at 10 pm CT, continuing through the following Thursday, July 12. The next week's auction will commence immediately after the previous one closes.

The growth of the World Coins category at Heritage has been tremendous in the last five years, turning into one of their most popular and fastest expanding areas. In keeping with the demand from collectors and the continued influx of great consignments, the weekly world coin auctions are being added as a natural outgrowth of the ever-increasing popularity of World Coins. Collectors of Ancients will also be quite interested to see the ancient coin lots in these auctions..

In the new Heritage Weekly World Coin Internet Auctions, collectors will have a chance to bid on a wide variety of World and Ancient coins from all corners of the planet. Experienced collectors of world or ancient coins, will find this to be a golden opportunity to fill out some of their sets. These auctions are also perfect for collectors just getting started with World or Ancient coins to begin seeing where their interests lie.

Bidding on all lots in these auctions will start at just $1.

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