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Tokelau issues coins for Queen Elizabeth II coronation anniversary

Tokelau marks the 70th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II with three coins, including this selectively rose-gold-plated Proof silver $5 coin with mintage limit of 1,953 pieces.

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Queen Elizabeth II died Sept. 8, 2022 as the longest-reigning monarch in British history. In 2023 the world commemorates the 70th anniversary of her coronation, and that includes three 2023 coins from Tokelau.

Born in 1926, she became the oldest monarch in British history.

She was just 10 years old when she unexpectedly became heir presumptive to the throne, when her father, Albert, became King George VI upon his older brother Edward VIII’s abdication.

George VI died suddenly in his sleep on Feb. 6, 1952, when Elizabeth was on an official state visit to Kenya. She immediately acceded to the throne, becoming the first British monarch in over 200 years to do so while abroad.

The following year, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at Westminster Abbey at the relatively young age of 26, on June 2, 1953.

In the annals of British royalty, she stands alone, unsurpassed by even the legendary Queen Victoria.

Three 2023 coins from Tokelau mark the 70th anniversary of her coronation.

The Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse of all three coins, the only differences among the obverses being in the markings indicating the coins’ metallic composition, fineness and denominations.

1-ounce versions

Two coins offer one full ounce of precious metal each, and share a reverse design.

The design depicts Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her coronation, June 2, 1953, as she proceeds through Westminster Abbey in front of its famous rose window.

On her head she wears the St. Edwards Crown. In her right hand she carries the scepter with the cross, made in 1661 and set with the Great Star of Africa diamond, the Cullinan I, the single largest cut diamond in the world.

In her left hand she carries the Sovereign’s Orb, a type of globus cruciger, a hollow golden sphere also made in 1661. Above the window is Elizabeth’s royal cipher.

The Proof .999 fine silver $5 coin weighs 31.135 grams and measures 40 millimeters in diameter.

The coin is highlighted with rose gold-plating on the rose window of the Abbey, in the background of the image.

The coin has a mintage limit of 1,953 pieces and retails for $129.95 each with quantity discounts available.

The Proof .9999 fine gold $100 coin weighs 31.135 grams and measures 40 millimeters in diameter.

The coin has a genuine diamond embedded at the place where the Great Star of Africa would be in the scepter.

The coin has a mintage limit of 150 pieces and retails for $2,999.95.

5-ounce silver coin

A third coin, a Proof .999 fine silver $10 coin, features a wider view of the same scene at Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, as the young queen walks toward her fate, her royal cypher this time below the scene.

It features .999 fine gold plating on the famous rose window, which appears larger on this coin’s canvas than on the 1-ounce versions.

The $10 coin weighs 155.678 grams and measures 65 millimeters in diameter.

With a mintage limit of 500 pieces, the coin retails for $429.95.

All three coins are encapsulated inside a luxury presentation case, protected by a full-color outer box. A full-color, individually numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

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