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Third edition of Panda coin buyer’s guide available

The third edition of Gold & Silver Panda Coin Buyer’s Guide is now available.

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The third edition of the definitive work on Chinese Panda coins is now available.

Author Peter Anthony has just published The Gold and Silver Panda Buyer’s Guide, four years after the second edition was released.

The book is the first comprehensive guide to Pandas and updates all market information since the previous edition.

The book provides insights, photos and useful information about the more than 500 coins in this growing family.

The first edition debuted in 2010 and was followed by a second edition in 2013.

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From basketball games to kite festivals to international diplomacy, the Gold and Silver Panda Buyer’s Guide tells the stories behind the Panda coins and their native country. 

Pandas that used to be sold as bullion coins now cost thousands of dollars, though some owners are ignorant of the coins’ true market value.

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According to Anthony, “Many valuable coins still trade hands based on their metal content because buyers and sellers don’t realize their scarcity. High profits are already going to those who know which is which. The Gold and Silver Panda Buyer’s Guide is the only book that pinpoints overlooked and undervalued Pandas [and] the coins most likely to rise farthest and fastest.”

The hardcover third edition features 368 pages.

In addition to coverage of all Panda coins released through early 2017, the book has a bonus section on Chinese Unicorn coins. 

The book was published with a cover price of $58.88. Distributor PandaAmerica offers the book for $50. 

To order, visit the distributor website.

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