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Symbol of America on silver $2 coin for Solomon Islands

A Reverse Proof 2019 silver $2 coin from the Solomon Islands not only honors the Bald Eagle, but is shaped like one of the famous birds.

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The bald eagle, a symbol of the United States of America, but is being celebrated on a 2019 Reverse Proof silver $2 coin from the Solomon Islands.

Though the bald eagle appears on many coins, the unique aspect of this new noncirculating commemorative coin is its shape, meant to mimic the famous bird’s shape. 

The 2019 coin is the first release in PAMP Suisse’s new Hunters of the Sky series. The Hunters of the Sky series follows the mint’s previous success with its Hunters of the Deep series, where it released a coin in the shape of a great white shark and another in the shape of a hammerhead shark. 

The Hunters of the Sky Bald Eagle 1-ounce .9999 fine silver coin is offered with a certificate of authenticity. It is being produced in a mintage limited to 2,500 pieces. 

The coin’s obverse features a bald eagle swooping down, its wings and talons outstretched, as if about to catch a fish. Because the coin’s shape mimics an actual eagle, each feather is detailed, and the obverse carries no inscriptions.

The coin’s silhouette reverse features a smooth surface. On the bird’s right wing is inscribed the coin’s weight and purity, while its center displays a unique serial number. The eagle’s left wing features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, with the denomination, year of mintage, her name, and SOLOMON ISLANDS encircling the portrait.

The coin is available from for $90, with various pricing levels depending on quantity ordered and payment method.

For more details, or to order the coin, visit the distributor website.

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