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Spanish Mint notes International Women’s Day with exhibit

Princess Leonor is the most recent subject of an online exhibit from the Spanish Mint celebrating International Women’s Day.

Image courtesy of the Spanish Mint.

The Spanish Mint has marked the March 8 International Women’s Day with an online exhibit about women on coins.

According to the Spanish Mint, “Women have played a key role in the history of money for centuries. It does not matter if they were goddesses, nymphs or queens, revered mythological deities or real people of flesh and blood, from diverse backgrounds and conditions. If all these female characters have something in common, they have left their mark in very different historical contexts.”

The online exhibit “Woman and money: myth and power” showcases these connections, exploring coins from ancient to modern times.

Subjects of the exhibit

Subjects of the online exhibit include Tanit (the goddess of Carthage) on a 260 B.C. silver decadrachm; Arethusa (the nymph) on a silver decadrachm of 405 to 400 B.C., Julia Domna (the first widow of  a ruler of the Roman Empire) on a 211 to 217 bronze sestertius; and Isabella I of Castilla, honored on gold 4-excelente coins from 1497 onward.

In addition, the exhibit explores Queen Anne I of Great Britain, on a 1706 gold 5-guinea piece; Queen Isabella II, on an 1835 silver 20-real coin; and the current Princess Leonor, on a 2023 silver €40 coin, among others.

To see the exhibit in English, visit

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