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Spanish firm offers free digital books

Several books on Spanish related numismatics are being offered for free download in honor of their author, who died Dec. 24.

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Tauler & Fau has released digital versions of five works related to Spanish numismatics, for free, in honor of a recently deceased colleague.

The firm announced at its website shortly after the Dec. 24 death of Don Rafael Tauler Fesser, a company partner, that it was making the specialized catalogs available digitally for anyone to access.

“We hope that his legacy will be useful to increase the knowledge and dissemination of our passion, numismatics,” fellow partner José A. Herrero said in a translation of the announcement.

The catalogs are “the experience of a life dedicated to numismatics,” Herrero said. “He was not a presumptuous man, the kind who likes to brag about his accomplishments. He did things because he felt them. Numismatics was his great passion and he enjoyed the time he spent on it.”

The man behind the research

Tauler was a Madrid-based businessman who began coin collecting in the 1970s.

After his successes in the business world as a publisher, he brought that background to the hobby, creating a new company together with his son Rafael and the young Aragonese numismatic entrepreneur Jacobo Fau. Later Herrero would join the firm.

He authored six books, five of which are now available for download. The sixth is “coming soon,” according to the firm.

The books include Oro Macuquino, about gold cob coins of Spain; El Oro del Imperio Espanol en Europa, about the gold coins of the Spanish Empire in Europe; and La Plata del Imperio Espanol en Europa, focusing on the silver coins of the Spanish Empire in Europe.

El Oro en el Medievo Espanol explores gold coins of medieval Spain, and the final work, not yet downloadable, is El Dura en la Numismatica Espanol, about the Spanish silver dollar.

The books are accessible, along with a deeper reminiscence of Tauler, at a special page of the company website,

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