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Solomon Islands $10 coin features poppies in color

This Solomon Islands Proof .999 fine silver $10 coin bears a brilliant full-color motif depicting a field of red poppies.

Images courtesy of Downies.

When the guns finally fell silent at 11 a.m., on Nov. 11, 1918, four years of gruelling conflict were finally at an end. 

But the scars remained — both on the battle-hewn fields of France and Belgium, and in the minds of those who were able to return. And it was impossible to forget those who hadn’t been so lucky.

As vivid-red poppies began to grow and flower in those torn fields, they became a symbol of those who fell but would never be forgotten, and the flower took hold in the official practices of remembrance. 

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An expansive field of poppies features in a glass inlay on a new 2019 5-ounce silver coin from the Solomon Islands. 

The Proof .999 fine silver $10 coin bears a brilliant full-color motif depicting a field of red poppies

Bringing the rich hues of the glass inlay to life, the case containing the coin features a light beneath the coin.

The coin weighs 155.5 grams and measures 100 millimeters in diameter.

It has a mintage limit of 500 pieces and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity

The coin is available through distributor Downies, with delivery to occur later in December.

The coin retails for $599.01 Australian (about $435.19 U.S.).

To order, visit the distributor website

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