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Six-volume catalog covers Reformation numismatics

Rainer Opitz’s collection of more than 6,000 numismatic items related to the Reformation has been published into a six-volume catalog by Fritz Rudolph Künker.

Image courtesy of Fritz Rudolph Künker.

The Protestant Reformation was a signal event in European history, and a new six-volume reference exploring numismatics relating to this ever-popular topic is now available.

A Life’s Work: The Rainer Opitz Collection “Reformatio in Nummis” comprises exactly 3,577 pages with more than 6,000 objects, which were collected by Opitz in his collecting journey of more than 40 years on the subject.

This catalog is published by Numismatischer Verlag Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co.

Interest in reformation numismatics, a very popular topic among collectors for decades, became more widespread and relevant related to the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of the theses in 1517. The 1517 event led to multiple disputes, new settlements and alteration of the face of the historical landscape. 

“All this has left numismatic marks,” as well, according to the publisher. 

The content is divided into six heavyweight volumes. These comprise:

➤ Luther Medals (No. 1 to 648)

➤ Medals on Persons (No. 649 to 1783)

➤ Medals on Events (No. 1784 to 4316)

➤ Miscellanea (No. 4317 to 4697)

Within the subgroups the material is sorted according to the time of its minting.

Each object is imaged, and each object is described according to standard numismatic cataloging. Descriptions in foreign languages are translated, and auction market references are provided. 

Where it is necessary, a numismatic comment supplements the information.

Three authors, Klaus-Peter Brozatus, Elisabeth Doerk, and Detlev Hölscher, are responsible for the creation of the texts. 

In 1969, Rainer Opitz (1954 to 2019) purchased his first Reformation medal (dedicated to the 450th anniversary of the Reformation).

In 1981, a friend encouraged him to devote himself entirely to this topic and to develop a collecting system.

When he decided in 2012 to sell his collection via Künker, they agreed to publish auction catalogs and a scholarly catalog.

Opitz did not live to see the catalog published; he died Feb. 7, 2019, at the age of 64.
The catalog costs €399 and postage. 

It may be ordered through the auction house.

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