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Russia honors military contest with 25-ruble coin

Russia has issued a circulating commemorative 25-ruble coin to celebrate the 2018 International Army Games.

Images courtesy of the Central Bank of Russia.

Militaries from around the world have converged to battle it out in Russia, but there are no casualties. 

It’s simply the International Army Games, “a spectator sports version of warfare on land, sea and in the air,” as Newsweek described it.

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The events, which pit militaries from around the world against each other, runs from July 28 to Aug. 11 this year, the fourth such event.

Contests include a tank biathlon and a fighter jet maneuvering contest, but smaller scale events also highlight things like cooking food and racing service dogs.

Russia has issued a circulating commemorative 25-ruble coin to mark the event.

The obverse of the coin shows the state coat of arms of the Russian Federation and Russian inscriptions identifying the nation of issue, the Bank of Russia, the denomination and the year of issue.

The reverse shows images of an aircraft, a warship and a tank and the emblem of the International Army Games on the left. An inscription along the circumference, on the rim, translates to “International Army Games.”

The copper-nickel coin weighs 10 grams, measures 27 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage of 500,000 pieces.

Collectors will have to search the secondary market for this coin. 

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