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Royal Mint's third dies trials auction includes final Queen Elizabeth II items

The Royal Mint’s third auction of die trial pieces features a mix of coins, some of the last portraying Queen Elizabeth II and the first with King Charles III. Trial pieces are distinguishable from regularly struck coins by a security mark and hallmarks added to the obverse of the pieces.

Images courtesy of the Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint’s third auction of unique dies trial pieces is scheduled for Feb. 19.

This is the first such auction to include coins featuring both effigies of King Charles III and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the Royal Mint, a dies trial piece is the last struck prototype before a coin goes into production. Due to their rarity, dies trial pieces have quickly become highly desirable and collectible, according to the Royal Mint.

As coinlike pieces produced by the Royal Mint when developing new coins and techniques, dies trial pieces help to determine the viability of a new product or process and are one-of-a-kind.

The Royal Mint began offering these unique pieces through auctions it conducts on its own platform beginning in March 2022.

Auction offerings

The latest auction, more than 100 unique lots, includes a range of royal-themed dies trial pieces from the Royal Mint’s Memorial Collection, which honors Queen Elizabeth II, and 2022 dies trial pieces, most of which feature the Platinum Jubilee hallmark.

The Platinum Jubilee hallmark was sanctioned by The British Hallmarking Council to commemorate that momentous occasion. The 2022 trial pieces that feature this special hallmark provide a distinctive opportunity for collectors to collect a piece with this additional point of interest, the Royal Mint states.

The auction will also feature a selection of dies trial pieces from the Royal Mint’s commemorative coin range.

Each of the Royal Mint’s commemorative coins celebrates a notable event, anniversary or individual who has been at the centre of culture and history. These include 50 years of Pride, the genius of Alan Turing and 25 years of Harry Potter.

A range of other dies trial piece will also be available to collect. These include dies trials of the 2021 Gothic Crown Quartered Arms, 2022 Britannia and 2022 British Monarchs Edward VII coins.

How are they different?

Trial pieces can be differentiated from standard issue examples by their added special security mark or symbol and the words ROYAL MINT TRIAL on the obverse.

Additional markings, called hallmarks, are found in the field opposite the effigy of the monarch on these trial examples.

Rebecca Morgan, director of collector services at the Royal Mint, said: “We are delighted to be hosting our third Trial Pieces Auction. This is an extremely popular event amongst coin collectors across the world as it offers them an opportunity to purchase some of the most sought-after and unique coins and die trial pieces available.

“This auction marks an important point in our history.

“The Royal Mint’s auction programme is the latest in a range of initiatives to continue the transformation and expansion of the 1,100-year-old business,” Morgan said, in a press release. “The Royal Mint has exercised creativity in its transformation, expanding into new business areas but focusing on our origins in precious metals and our skills in beautiful craftsmanship. As the Collector Services grows, auctions were the next natural step for us.”

Buyers must register for an auction account through a special page at the Royal Mint’s website, 

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