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Royal Mint marks Queen Victoria’s birth with coins

The Royal Mint celebrates the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth with several new commemorative coins.

Images courtesy of the Royal Mint.

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was born 200 years ago, in 1819, ushering in an era that would take her name. 

Beginning her reign in 1837, she led the nation to its final zenith as a global power, before the empire began shrinking in the decades after she died, having reigned more than 60 years. 

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The Royal Mint celebrates the 200th anniversary of her birth with several new commemorative coins. 

Leading the release is the 2019 commemorative £5 coins featuring a young portrait of Victoria embellished with symbols showcasing the progress, change and advancements of the Victorian age.

Having inherited the throne just one month after her 18th birthday, Victoria went on to become one of Britain’s most remarkable monarchs and ruled the empire for more than six decades. Her reign was so long that it is surpassed only by that of her great-great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II, who passed that benchmark in 2015. 

Due to the length of time she spent as queen, the coinage issued in Queen Victoria’s name is among the most prolific productions in British history, and was used by a quarter of the world’s population.   

The 2019 commemorative £5 Queen Victoria coin, designed by coin artist John Bergdahl, features his interpretation of the popular Young Head portrait of Queen Victoria, surrounded by inventions from the Victorian era. These include the telephone, steamship and locomotive, all of which symbolize the progress, change and advancement from the time. The design is also embellished with cogs, in recognition of the industrial revolution during the Victorian era.

There are four different £5 coins available: a Brilliant Uncirculated copper-nickel coin, Proof .925 fine silver regular and piedfort versions, and a Proof .9167 fine gold coin. 

Large coins, medal image

A double portrait of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert features on 2019 5-ounce and kilogram sized commemorative coins, available in both gold and silver versions.

These larger coins feature a design originally struck in the 19th century on a Council Medal for the Great Exhibition in 1851. William Wyon’s design portrays the young couple, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, very much at their peak, confident and optimistic, with dolphins and the trident of Britannia, ruler of the seas. 

Even two centuries after her birth, the effect of Queen Victoria’s monarchy and the Victorian era are still felt strongly in our everyday lives. 

From the rise of pioneering technology like the telegraph and telephone, to the incredible developments in travel, with the invention of modern steamships and trains, Victoria’s reign has become synonymous with Britain’s pioneering role in these developments.

Nicola Howell, director of the consumer division at the Royal Mint, commented: “Queen Victoria is one of Britain’s most iconic monarchs, so it’s fantastic to be celebrating 200 years since her birth. Our £5 commemorative coin is a beautiful tribute to her incredible reign and really honours the remarkable developments that were achieved during her era. Whilst the 5oz and kilo design featuring William Wyon’s reproduced double portrait design pictures a loving couple at the peak of their powers.”


All of the new coins referenced here feature the Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. 

The £5 coins all measure 38.61 millimeters in diameter. 

The copper-nickel coin weighs 28.28 grams. It has an unlimited mintage, comes packaged in a colorful card and  retails for £13.

The standard silver coin weighs 28.28 grams and is limited to 5,000 mintage. It retails for £82.50.

The piedfort (double thick) version weighs 56.56 grams. It has a mintage limit of 1,500 pieces and retails for £155.

The gold £5 coin weighs 39.94 grams. It has a mintage limited to 500 pieces and retails for £1,995.

The 5-ounce silver coin is denominated £10. It has a mintage limit of 600 pieces and retails for £420.

The kilogram silver coin is denominated £500. It has a mintage limit of 125 pieces and retails for £2,025.

The 5-ounce gold coin is denominated £10. It has a mintage limit of 70 pieces and retails for £8,645.

The kilogram gold coin is denominated £1,000. It has a mintage limit of 12 pieces and retails for £49,995. 

All of the Royal Mint’s 2019 Queen Victoria commemorative coin collections are available at the Royal Mint’s website

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