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Royal Mint expands 2012 Olympic coin offerings

With more than 400 days before the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games begin, the Royal Mint has begun offering three more gold coins celebrating the event.

The second group of coin from the Faster, Higher, Stronger (representing the Citius, Altius, Fortius Olympic motto) series of nine gold coins became available May 24.

As with each subset of the series, the second offering features two quarter-ounce £25 coins and a single 1-ounce £100 coin. The Proof .9167 fine (22-karat) gold coins of each denomination feature reverse designs inspired by the classical heritage of the Olympic Games in combination with modern sporting achievement. Each coin features a different Roman god reflecting the theme of the second part of the Olympic motto.

Juno, the queen of the gods, is depicted alongside an athlete pole vaulting on one of the £25 coins, with Apollo, the god of sun and the arts, overlooking a rhythmic gymnast on the other £25 coin. Jupiter, the god of light and the sky, watches over a diver on the £100 coin.

Sculptor John Bergdahl designed the reverses, which are paired with Ian Rank-Broadley’s obverse effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The £25 coins weigh 8.51 grams and measure 22 millimeters in diameter, and the £100 coin weighs 34.05 grams and measures 32.69 millimeters in diameter.

The mintage limit for each £25 coin is 20,000 per design, and the mintage limit for the £100 coin is 7,500 coins.

The gold Higher-theme coins are offered in several individual and group options.

Examples of either £25 coin are available for £399 individually, or in a two-coin set for £795. Individual examples of the £100 coin are available for £1,595.

Three-coin and nine-coin sets are available in limited numbers. Four thousand three-coin sets are offered for £2,349 each, with a maximum of 1,000 sets of all nine coins in the Faster, Higher, Stronger series to be sold. A partial set offering the first six coins released is priced at £4,698, with the option to purchase the remaining three coins in the set for an additional cost when they are released later.

To order the coins, visit the Royal Mint’s website,, or telephone the Royal Mint toll free at (866) 519-7298 in the United States or at (866) 924-0861 in Canada. ¦

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