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Royal Mint announces first domed coins for the UK

The Brilliant Uncirculated copper-nickel £5 coin for Royal Albert Hall is flat, has an unlimited mintage and retails for £13 (about $18 U.S.).

All images courtesy of the Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint is issuing the United Kingdom’s first domed coins.

A 2021 silver and a 2021 gold commemorative £5 coin celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Royal Albert Hall will have curved surfaces. In addition, four standard, or “flat,” versions of the same design are being issued.

Built in 1871, the Royal Albert Hall is known as the home of arts, sports and science presentations in the UK. An extensive list of individuals have graced its main stage, including such icons as Sir Elton John, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Sir Winston Churchill, Stephen Hawking and Muhammad Ali.

Anne Desmet, who specializes in architectural artwork, designed the reverse of the coins, which shows the building.

Two domed coins are being released in the coming weeks, a representative of the Royal Mint told Coin World on March 25, but images showing the coins’ concavity and convexity are not yet available.

The Proof .925 fine silver £5 coin and Proof .9167 fine gold £5 coin both measure 38.61 millimeters in diameter. The domed silver coin weighs 28.28 grams and the domed gold coin weighs 39.94 grams.

The silver coin has a “limited edition presentation” of 3,500 pieces and retails for £125 each. (“Limited edition presentation” means that additional pieces may be diverted for other products or sales options.) The gold coin has a limited edition presentation of 200 pieces and retails for £2,760 each.

Additional versions available

Joining the domed coins are four “flat” versions, all also £5 coins: a Brilliant Uncirculated copper-nickel £5 coin, a Proof .925 fine silver £5 piece, a Proof .925 fine silver piedfort £5 coin and a Proof .9167 fine gold £5 coin.

The BU and standard silver version each weigh 28.28 grams, while the piedfort version is 56.56 grams, and the gold coin weighs 39.94 grams; all four of these coins measure 38.61 millimeters in diameter.

These coins feature the Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

The BU coin has an unlimited mintage and retails for £13.

The standard Proof silver coin has a limited edition presentation of 1,650 pieces and retails for £90.

The piedfort silver coin is limited to 1,000 coins, for £167.50 each, and the gold coin had a limited edition presentation of 170 pieces, for £2,690, which sold out by press time March 25.

To order visit the Royal Mint website,

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