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RCM and Tuvalu offer coins that have the holiday spirit

Red and green may be familiar holiday colors, but for collectors, silver and gold are just as worthy.

The holidays are a popular time for gift-giving, and there are many options for a collector’s wish list.

World mints continue to offer an array of coins celebrating the season, with special minting techniques, whimsical designs, and more.

Here are a pair of 2014 coins that would be appropriate gifts for a coin collector or noncollector alike, connecting folks to the hobby in a new way.

Annual coin set

The sight of two reindeer on a special dollar coin from the Royal Canadian Mint immediately brings to mind the most famous reindeer of all (Rudolph, of course!).

Just try not to burst out in song when you see the reverse of the coin.

Since 2004, the RCM has created an annual Holiday Gift Set, with examples of circulating coins accompanying limited-edition coins available only in the set. In 2014, the special coin is a dollar showing a pair of Santa’s reindeer relaxing in front of a Christmas tree. Completing the set are examples of the regular 5-, 10- and 25-cent coins, and a $2 coin. 

The packaging is designed to appeal as well, with the cover of the 2014 set featuring a bright red ornament. A cut-out window allows the reindeer design to stand apart. Open the set and there is room for a personalized greeting, and the accompanying envelope makes mailing the gift easy.

The set does not have a stated mintage limit (the limit is “while supplies last”) but should generally be available, as distributors still offer past years’ sets. 

At $19.95 Canadian, the set is a token gift with currency.

But what if you want to give a gift of precious metal?

Silver Santa

If silver is more your style, consider a 1-ounce silver holiday coin from the Perth Mint.

The Ultra High Relief Santa Claus dollar minted for Tuvalu has several things that make it stand out as a potential gift, besides its precious metal content.

Santa Claus is known throughout the West in various forms and names, and is instantly recognizable. The Ultra High Relief design shows the gregarious Christmas traveler (and his beard) in full view. 

The coin is struck on a smaller planchet than most 1-ounce silver coins from the Perth Mint, so it is extra thick. And finally, the coin’s mintage of 2,500 pieces has already sold out from the Perth Mint, though distributor Talisman Coins assures readers that the coin will be available at its $79.95 issue price (or $76.95 when you buy three or more). 

A sold-out silver coin for St. Nick? 

Better check that list twice to make sure you get enough for everyone! 

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