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Rennik's Australian reference in 24th edition

A new, updated version of the standard reference for Australian numismatics has been published.

The recently released work is the 24th edition of Rennik’s Australian Coin & Banknote Values, edited by Alan B. Pitt.

The edition offers a comprehensive, current overview of Australian numismatics, including pricing and mintage data, accompanied by more than 1,800 illustrations, many in full-color.

The catalog encompasses a broad variety of Australian numismatic issues, ranging from Proclamation Era coins, Australian sovereigns and half sovereigns, traders tokens, 1910 to 1964 predecimal coins and paper money, decimal coin and paper money issues from 1966 through 2010, as well as modern collector issues and more.

Modern material includes items issued both by the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint.

After a brief explanation about coinage production and terminology, the 240-page book is divided into two large sections, one for coins and the other for paper money. Inside each section, smaller sections progress through the economic and numismatic history of Australia, beginning with the coins in circulation after Australia was settled in 1788.

Patterns are explored in some depth before yielding to Australia’s gold coinage legacy through 1931. Discussion of Australian predecimal coinage follows, tracking the issues from 1910 when the first coins of a united Australia made their debut, through the monumental change that swept through in the 1960s. Values are provided for as many as eight grades among predecimal coins, while for decimal coinage valuing is limited to one or two grades.

Photographic galleries provide a glimpse of the abundance of circulating 20- and 50-cent and $1 designs that have proliferated during the past few decades.

Collector coin issues of the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint, cataloged by mint, compose a section equal in size to that of the circulating issues.

The paper money section follows a similar trajectory, opening with the early issues of the nation, then transitioning to post-1910 official governmental issues (which includes overprinted private notes).

Specimen, trial and error notes and uncut sheets all receive their due as well, with a special section exploring notes with special serial numbers.

A final section details the “unofficial coins,” trade tokens of Australia and Cocos-Keeling Islands, as well as interment camp tokens and paper money of Australia.

The softcover edition has a retail price of $30. A hardcover edition retails for $39.95, but also includes for free an example of a new book, the first edition of Rennik’s Australian Circulated Currency Values, edited by Pitt and a $30 value. That book is 110 pages and provides expanded pricing for all Australian currency in circulated grades. Rennik’s charges $20 for overseas shipping.

Euro Collections International distributes the books for Rennik’s in the United States.

Euro Collections prices the softcover 24th edition of the coin and paper money book at $24, while the pairing of that reference and the new paper money book is priced at $38.50.

ECI’s shipping and handling are an additional $10 charge per order.

For more information about the books, visit the publisher’s website,

To order them from the distributor, telephone it toll free at 877-897-7696 or visit its website, ¦

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