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Remote control featured on new Serbian Tesla coin

Serbia has issued the second coin in the 1-ounce silver series honoring scientific genius Nikola Tesla. This new coin celebrates the remote control.

Original images courtesy of Mish International Monetary Inc.

Nikola Tesla arrived in the United States in 1884, penniless but rich in ideas.  

Serbia has released the second 1-ounce .999 fine silver 100-dinara coin in a series honoring the famous scientist, with the design of the new 2019 coin specifically highlighting his work that led to the remote control. 

The series features a permanent portrait of Tesla on the obverse with an evolving reverse showcasing his inventions, patents and visionary concepts.

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The first issue, released in September and dated 2018, exhibited a prototype of his alternating current electric motor.

The second issue, released in February 2019, is the first of three different Tesla coins scheduled for 2019.

Tesla is viewed by many scientists and historians as one of the most notable inventors and visionaries of all time. 

He is credited exclusively or in part with technologies that changed the world, including the electric lighting grid, electric motors, remote control, hydro-electric power, turbine engines, magnetic propulsion, electro-magnetic energy generation, x-rays, lasers, particle beams, solar power adaption, weather manipulation, robotics, wireless transmission, radio, television, cell phones, and the internet. Many of these technologies will be the subject of future coins. 

Mintage for the first coin in the series was 50,000 Brilliant Uncirculated examples and 3,327 Proof examples.

The mintage for the second design is being increased to 75,000 BU examples. The Proof mintage limit will remain fixed throughout the series at the actual mintage of the first coin, 3,327 pieces. 

Mintages of the BU examples are set to increase with each issue as awareness of the collection builds, according to Robert Mish, of Mish International Monetary Inc., who is the developer of the program. 

Tesla coins are being distributed in the United States, Asia, and Europe, as well as online through primary retail distributors that include,,, and

A limited quantity of Tesla coins are available certified and graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation with a special Tesla portrait label.

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