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Polish Numismatic Society releases journals

The Polskie Towarzystwo Numizmatyczne, or the Polish Numismatic Society, recently issued all four of its 2010 quarterly bulletins.

Published primarily in Polish, the Biuletyn Numizmatyczny, or Numismatic Bulletin, does feature a few items in English.

Among the many subjects of articles in issue 357 are 6-groschen coins of Krakow from 1659, the bond issue of Rubin Schnitzer who was killed at Auschwitz during World War II, and a commemorative medal of Bologna awarded to Polish soldiers in 1945.

Topics explored in issue 358 include the crown coins of Ladislaus Jagiello and the work of Waclaw Borowski, who designed Polish paper money.

Issue 359 features an article discussing Stanislaw Szukalski, “the forgotten creator of Polish coins and medals.” Another piece, the first in a series, analyzes the money and monetary system of Belarus from 1918 to 2007.

The final journal for the year, issue 360, continues the exploration of money in Belarus (part II) and includes part one of an article exploring Polish Socialist Republic bank notes.

Also published in 2010 is an index to the bulletin from 1995 through 2009.

The bulletins are available for purchase from the organization.

For more information write to Biuletyn Numizmatyczny, 00-281 Warszawa, ul. Jezuicka 6. Email the organization at or visit its website at ¦

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