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The story behind this blue titanium coin

The Pobjoy Mint continues its flurry of colorful titanium coins, with a new blue £2 coin celebrat­ing the blue whale.

Images courtesy of the Pobjoy Mint.

The Pobjoy Mint on Jan. 10 released its fourth colorful titanium coin of 2017, a blue £2 coin celebrating the blue whale.

The latest issue follows the release of a £2 coin featuring the elephant seal, from South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, the same issuer as for the 2017 Blue Whale coin. In addition, Pobjoy Mint has issued two colorful titanium $5 coins in 2017 for the British Virgin Islands, featuring the hummingbird and seahorse. More colorful creations are planned, according to Beth Caspar, the Pobjoy Mint’s director of sales for North America. 

The 2017 Blue Whale coin comes four years after the sellout of the 2013 Blue Whale £2 coin, also created in the name of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands by Pobjoy Mint. 

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Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth. These magnificent marine mammals roam the oceans at up to 100 feet long and upwards of 200 tons. Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant; their hearts, as much as an automobile. They have a broad, flat head and a long, tapered body that ends in wide, triangular flukes. 

Their color looks true blue when viewed under water, but on the surface their coloring is more a mottled blue-gray. Their underbellies take on a yellowish hue from the millions of microorganisms that take up residence in their skin.

Blue whales live in all the world’s oceans, occasionally swimming in small groups but usually alone or in pairs. They often spend summers feeding in polar waters and undertake lengthy migrations towards the Equator as winter arrives.

The reverse of the coin shows an adult blue whale with her calf swimming in the sea surrounded by small fish just above the sea bed. The adult whale’s tail appears above the water line in front of the rising sun. 

The obverse features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II used exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.

Due to the difficulty of striking titanium coins and the fact that titanium reacts differently with every strike, each blue whale coin is technically different from all others. A lined effect present on the coins is also unique to this metal.

The titanium coin weighs 10 grams and measures 36.1 millimeters in diameter. It has a mintage limit of 7,500 pieces and retails for $59. 

Brilliant Uncirculated copper-nickel and Proof .925 fine silver versions of the Blue Whale coin are also available.

The BU coin weighs 28.28 grams and measures 38.6 millimeters in diameter. It has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces and retails for $16.95. 

The Proof silver coin matches the BU coin in dimensions and weight, but its mintage limit is 2,000 pieces, and it retails for $65.

To order, visit the Pobjoy Mint website.

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