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Pobjoy celebrates Antarctic treaty with £2 coins

A ringed-bimetallic £2 coin from Pobjoy Mint, in the name of the British Antarctic Territory, marks the 30th anniversary of the Antarctic treaty and depicts Ross seals.

Image courtesy of Pobjoy Mint.

The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty, which provides for the comprehensive protection of the Antarctic environment, was signed 30 years ago.

Marking the anniversary are Pobjoy Mint 2021 £2 coins, issued on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory.

Two versions are available, a ringed-bimetallic version and a Proof .925 fine silver version with gold plating.

The protocol was signed in Madrid on Oct. 4, 1991, and took force in 1998. It designates Antarctica as a “natural reserve, devoted to peace and science.”

Article 3 of the environmental protocol sets out basic principles applicable to human activities in Antarctica, and Article 7 prohibits all activities relating to Antarctic mineral resources, except for scientific purposes.

The coin features a Ross seal with its pup, which is a species specifically mentioned in Annex II (Flora & Fauna) of the Protocol and is therefore a perfect choice to depict on the new £2 coin.

The obverse of the coin features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II produced exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.

Both coins weigh 12 grams and measure 28.4 millimeters in diameter.

The ringed-bimetallic base metal coin has a mintage limit of 3,750 pieces and retails for $24.95 each in a colorful card.

The silver coin has a mintage limit of 275 pieces and retails for $74.95 each. The silver coin comes in its own case.

For more details, or to order the coin, visit the Pobjoy Mint website,

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