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Palau issues 2019 Dragonfish gilded silver coin

A new 2-ounce silver $10 coin from Palau showcases the golden arowana, or dragonfish.

Coin images courtesy of Coin Invest Trust.

Palau has issued a Proof 2019 gold-plated .999 fine silver $10 collector coin depicting the golden arowana, or dragonfish.

The reverse of the gilded silver 2-ounce coin shows an Asian arowana in high relief.

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The fish is naturalistically designed, and seems to be swimming on a golden ring. This effect results from the field being covered by black enamel.

Arowana resemble a Chinese dragon and as such are regarded as a particularly talismanic symbol in Asia. 

Their scales reflect the light in all colors of the rainbow. Depending on the color variant, up to six-figure sums may be paid for certain examples, because it is thought integrating them into the personal environment brings good luck.

The coin was made with smart minting technology

The fish scales were treated state-of-the-art laser technology to create a sparkle. Each single scale is given a Proof edge with a delicate frosting inside. In addition, the black enamel was applied with precision. 

The obverse is covered with a scaly pattern, with the national coat of arms of Palau in the center and identifying inscriptions.

The coin measures 50 millimeters wide at its widest point, and 31 millimeters tall.

The coin has a mintage of 999 pieces.

Distributor American Precious Metals Exchange will offer the coin, but it is not yet in stock and no pricing was available at press time May 17.

For further information, visit the distributor website,

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