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Pakistan marks U.S. relations with 75-rupee coin

Pakistan in August issued a 75-rupee coin dated 2022 and marking the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States.

Images courtesy of the State Bank of Pakistan.

Pakistan marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States with a 2022 75-rupee coin released Aug. 25.

The copper-nickel coin was unveiled Aug. 24 during a ceremony held in Islamabad by the State Bank of Pakistan attended by the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome.

The round coin weighs 13.5 grams and measures 30 millimeters in diameter. No mintage information was disclosed.

The coin’s design is emblematic of the relationship, which began upon Pakistan’s independence Aug. 14, 1947 (the anniversary occurred in 2022).

On the obverse, the coat of arms of the government of Pakistan is at the center. The inscription ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN is at the top along the periphery. The face value of the coin is indicated as Rs and 75 on opposing sides. The dual dates 1947–2022 referencing the year of Pakistan’s independence and its 75th anniversary appear below. Wording in Urdu script translating to “Faith, Unity, Discipline” appears along the periphery, below the dates.

The Great Seal of the United States of America is at the center of the reverse of the coin. The inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA above the Great Seal and 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF US-PAK RELATIONS below, each along the periphery, are separated by two stars, one on each side. Directly below the Great Seal is 1776, the year the United States of America claimed independence.

Collectors will have to search the secondary market to obtain this coin.

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