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Norse god Odin in ultra-high relief on silver collector coin

The Norse god Odin, who is associated with healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery and poetry, appears in ultra-high relief on a 2016 coin from Niue.

The Ultra-High Relief antique Proof .999 fine silver $5 coin depicts the god who in mythology is the husband of the goddess Frigg. The coin is the first in a four-coin series celebrating Norse gods. The program is being issued through the Helvetic Mint in Switzerland, which struck the coins.

Odin appears with his pair of wolves, Freki and Geri, and a pair of ravens, Muninn and Huginn, on the reverse design, which was created by Heidi Wastweet, an artist and member of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

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The obverse carries Raphael Maklouf’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with added dragon ornamentation patterning created by Wastweet. 

The 2-ounce coin has a mintage limit of 750 coins and is packaged with a wooden box and certificate of authenticity.

The coin retails for $119 from Gainesville Coins.

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