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Niue celebrates Year of the Dog with Mickey Mouse

A famous Disney character is celebrating the Year of the Dog on 2018 coins — and it’s not Goofy or Pluto.

The New Zealand Mint continues its issuance of Disney-licensed coins with a pair of coins showing Mickey Mouse.

The Lunar Year of the Dog begins in 2018, and Mickey appears on the New Zealand Mint’s first coins in the lunar coin collection.

The Proof 2018 .999 fine silver $2 coin features on its reverse an engraving of a smiling Mickey Mouse with a stylized dog, direct from Disney’s Chinese Zodiac Animals collection. The Chinese character for dog is highlighted in red.

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The same design appears on the reverse of the New Zealand Mint’s first Lunar Foil, a 5-gram silver rectangular-shaped coin denominated 20 cents.

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The engraved foil includes the image for Year of the Dog from Disney’s Chinese Zodiac Animals collection, along with the Chinese character for dog, highlighted in red. The serial number in the mintage is printed on the reverse of each foil, while the certificate of authenticity is printed on the packaging.

The obverse of both coins features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The coins are issued under the authority of Niue.

The coin is nestled in black velvet inside a red gloss lacquered coin case that, in turn, is contained within a themed outer box. The certificate of authenticity sits inside the packaging.

The 1-ounce coin has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces and retails for $85 in U.S. funds.

The foil measures 150 millimeters wide and 70 millimeters tall, slightly narrower and taller than a Federal Reserve note (which measures 156 millimeters wide and 66 millimeters tall).

The foil is housed inside a complementary themed card that contains space for a personalized message, allowing buyers to use it as a precious metal gift.

Mintage is limited to 50,000 foils, each priced at $39.

To order the coins, visit the New Zealand Mint website.


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