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Mexico releases circulating commemorative 20-peso coin

Mexico’s new circulating commemorative 20-peso coin marks the bicentennial of the country’s Heroic Military College.

Images courtesy of the Bank of Mexico.

Mexico on Oct. 11 issued a new 2023 circulating commemorative ringed-bimetallic 20-peso coin.

The 2023 coin honors the Bicentennial of the Heroic Military College, which was renamed in 1823 after its founding as Cadet Academy the year prior.

The coin features the common obverse design, the eagle clutching a snake and perched on a cactus.

The reverse depicts what appears to be a gate superimposed on two crossed cannons, as well as other elements, all composing the logo of the college, where most would-be military members in Mexico must train (the Navy has its own school).

Inscriptions indicating the theme, as well as crossed guns and crossed sabres, and other design motifs, also appear. An inscription translating to “For the honor of Mexico” is at the left side of the inner circle.

The coin weighs 7.16 grams and measures 30 millimeters in diameter.

The center is made from a copper-nickel-zinc alloy and the surrounding ring is composed of aluminum-bronze.

The coin’s 20-peso face value is equivalent to about $1.14 U.S.

Collectors interested in acquiring this coin will have to search the secondary market.

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