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Macedonia shows Taurus on new Zodiac silver coin

A Proof silver 100-denar coin from Macedonia celebrating the Zodiac sign of Taurus features gold printing, 3-D printing and a cobalt glass insert.

Coin images courtesy of International Coin House.

Macedonia’s Zodiac signs series continues with Taurus, the fifth coin from the series issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Proof .925 fine silver 100-denar coin is square and features gold printing, 3-D printing and a cobalt glass insert. 

Seeing doubled elements on a Lincoln cent?Seeing doubled elements on a Lincoln cent? You might have a doubled die variety, of which hundreds of different of varieties both common and rare exist. Also in this issue, we reflect on a time when U.S. paper money depicted living persons.

On the obverse, four figures of Atlas hold up the sky, represented by a ring bearing all the zodiac symbols and surrounding an insert of cobalt glass. On the blue glass insert appears an image of the Northern sky with the Taurus constellation highlighted in gold in the center. 

As background at the bottom corner of the obverse, part of a drawing of the Solar System appears. In the background above is a part of the sky map. 

Also in the bottom corner, inscriptions in the Macedonian language identify the Republic of Macedonia as the issuing nation and 100 denars as the denomination, while the coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia and the year of the coin issue, 2018, appears at the lower right.

On the reverse is an image of several constellations, with Taurus emphasized, approaching from the left, taken from the star atlas “Firmamentum Sobiescianum,” a work created at the end of the 17th century by Johannes Hevelius. 

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The image of Taurus extends into the round cobalt glass insert. Above the insert, in the coin’s top corner, is a small Taurus zodiac symbol. 

At the bottom of the reverse is a bold, facing image of a bull’s head, printed in gold. In the background, a drawing represents more of the Solar System. At the right TAURUS is inscribed, and on the left, near the edge, is a small AG 925.

The 2018 coin weighs 23.3 grams and measures 37 millimeters on each side. 

The coin has a mintage limit of up to 7,000 pieces.

First Coin Company offers the coin for $99.90.

To order the coin, visit the distributor website

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