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Latvia issues coin honoring Ukraine fight for freedom

Latvia honors the Ukrainian struggle for freedom against Russia with a Proof .999 fine silver €5 coin.

Images courtesy of Latvijas Banka.

Latvia Dec. 15 issued a Proof 2022 .999 fine silver €5 coin to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia, and the coin was designed by a Ukrainian artist.

The “For the Freedom of Ukraine” coin is not only symbolic but is also of a practical significance, since some proceeds from sales of the coin are promised for donation to charities supporting the Ukrainian people. “Thus, the purchase of this coin will provide not only moral but also tangible support,” said Latvijas Banka in its announcement of the new coin.

Ukraine continues fighting for its freedom as well as for the values of Western civilization, thus also for Latvia’s values, the bank said.

“The coin is a reminder that one should not grow tired and tolerate what is happening in Ukraine,” according to the bank. “The freedom of Ukraine is a shared responsibility.”

The bank conducted a design contest, inviting five Ukrainian artists, Kateryna Bielobrova, Nikita Kadan, Sergiy Maidukov, Roman Minin and Anna Zvyagintseva, to submit designs. All of the designs from the Ukrainian artists were placed on display Dec. 16 at the bank’s lobby in Riga.

Elements of design

On the obverse, Maidukov’s winning design features a word in Ukraine that has multiple meanings in his native tongue: Freedom, Will, or Power.

The reverse of the coin shows a bird with a golden star in its beak, the star representing a future political promise — Ukraine becoming part of the European Union.

“This serves as both evidence and a reminder that a guarantee of freedom is integral to the flight of spirit,” according to Latvijas Banka.

Ligita Franckevica sculpted the plaster model of the winning design.

“During the first days of the war, very few people believed that Ukrainians would manage to stop the overwhelming superiority of Russian troops and just in a couple of months force the Russian occupants to abandon the conquered positions. Ukrainians continue their fight without any doubt that the future will bring a day when they succeed in reclaiming their land,” said Martinš Kazaks, governor of Latvijas Banka, in a statement.

“Watching the war on our TV screens, we, the friends of Ukraine, particularly appreciate how grateful we can be for the opportunity to live in peace. However, it also involves responsibility to help Ukraine and its people. This coin tells us about freedom, perseverance and faith. Of faith in the efforts of ourselves and our friends.”


The coin weighs 22 grams, measures 35 millimeters in diameter, and has a mintage limit of 8,000 pieces.

It retails for €75.50 and buyers are limited to purchases of five coins.

The coin is available online at the Latvijas Banka’s e-shop,

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