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Kazakh cosmonaut took coin on space mission

Cosmonaut Aydin Aimbetov carried an example of the 2014 50-tenge coin (but not this exact one) when he went into space in September 2015. The space-flown coin is now on display at the Museum of the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Image courtesy of the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

When Aydin Aimbetov went to space in 2015, he carried a little something extra with him, according to a story shared by the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Aimbetov, who has been dubbed a national hero for his participation in space missions, carried with him an example of a 2014 copper-nickel 50-tenge coin honoring Shoqan Walikhanov (or Shokan Ualikhanov), a Kazakh scholar, ethnographer and historian.

An example of the coin is on display at the Aiganym Estate Museum in the homeland of Shokan Ualikhanov in Syrymbet Village, Airtau District, North Kazakhstan Region.

The space-flown coin was transferred to the Museum of the National Bank in Almaty, thanks to the intervention of a collector of Kazakh space-related artifacts, the story said.

In June 2015, Aimbetov was selected to fly on the Soyuz TMA-18M mission, becoming the third Kazakh-born cosmonaut to fly since Kazakhstan’s independence in 1991, and the first to fly under the Kazakh flag.

Aimbetov has been honored on a postage stamp from Kazakhstan, and although he has not yet appeared on a coin, he at least played a part in making numismatic, and space, history.

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