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Ireland could remove one- and two-cent coins from circulation

The Irish Independent reports the Ireland government is expected to remove from circulation its one- and two-cent coins.

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1. Irish government set to scrap small-denomination coins

According to The Irish Independentthe Irish government is expected to decide to withdraw one- and two-cent coins from circulation.

After local trials were a "massive success," the Independent reports, the country's finance minister, Michael Noonan, is expected to present a memo detailing the withdrawal of the denominations to Parliament on Tuesday.

Sound familiar? The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is doing the same thing.

Like the U.S. penny, the Irish one- and two-cent coins cost more than their face value to produce.

2. Finland announces series of €5 sport coins with attractive features 

The Mint of Finland is launching another series of noncirculating €5 collector coins with a series showcasing sports.

The nine-coin Sports Coins program debuts with a July 6 release of the first design, celebrating gymnastics, and continues into 2016. Online presales of the coins begin June 24.

3. Royal Canadian Mint offers gold and silver option in second set of Prehistoric Animals series

The scimitar cat is the second honoree in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Prehistoric Animals series. 

Check out the gold and silver editions of the coin.

4. Auto mechanic's valuable Chinese error note has gained some major attention

Numerous reports tell of a 36-year-old auto mechanic in Chongqing named Zheng who has had the note in his pocket for years. Zheng reportedly received the 100-yuan ($16) note printed in 1999 as part of his wages. 

See the error note; read the story.

5. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce as of 10:38 a.m. ET Monday:

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