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Great British Coin Hunt returns for 2019

Limited mintage designs celebrating the characteristics and culture of the United Kingdom are again due for circulation in 2019. Themes include famous monuments like the Angel of the North and Stonehenge, technology (as represented by the World Wide Web) and even tea.

All images courtesy of the Royal Mint.

The Great British Coin Hunt has returned to cash registers and commercial channels in the United Kingdom for another year.

The Royal Mint has announced the launch of the 2019 A to Z 10-penny coin collection, which includes some of the very best Great British icons.

First launched in 2018, the collection has proved incredibly popular among the British public. 

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In 2019 an additional 2.1 million coins from this much-loved collection are set to enter circulation. The designs remain the same as those issued in 2018, but the year date on the coins reflects the year of issue for the 2019 coins. 

The full set of 26 individually designed coins map out what makes Britain great — from the Angel of the North to a Zebra Crossing. Also featuring in the designs are a cup of tea, fish and chips, cricket and the Loch Ness monster.

Uncirculated versions of the coins are also available for purchase from the Royal Mint website. 

Nicola Howell, director of consumer business at the Royal Mint said: “These 26 individually designed coins, each with a quintessentially British subject, is the first ever commemorative range struck on a 10 pence piece. It will be one of the most limited issue coin designs for 2019 to be released into circulation, so to complete the collection we also have an exclusively designed 2019 A to Z collector album.”

Some of the UK’s most astonishing scientific and technological achievements are also included in the collection — W is for World Wide Web, representing Tim Berners-Lee’s invention of the internet, and G is for Greenwich Mean Time, celebrating the country’s naval history and establishing a global timescale. 

In addition to finding the coins elsewhere in circulation, visitors to The Royal Mint Experience in Llantrisant, Wales, will also be able to get their hands on one of these special coins, as they will be in the tills at the gift shop and coffee shop.

A collectors’ folder and uncirculated versions of the 10-penny coins are available to purchase from a dedicated page on the Royal Mint website, www.royalmint/coinhunt.  

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