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Gadoury publishes book about French pattern, piedfort coins

A new book from Editions Gadoury explores the patterns (essais) and piedforts of French coinage from 1870 through 2001.

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The newest edition in a series of books published by Editions Gadoury focuses on the pattern and piedfort coins of France.

The French-language book is titled Essais Monétaires & Piéforts Français 1870-2001 and was authored by Michel Taillard and Michel Arnaud.

It covers issues from the Third French Republic in 1870 until the switch to euro coinage at the dawn of this millennium.

In its opening pages, the work takes the reader through the different steps in the production of a coin, from the artist’s initial drawings, though the many tests and trials performed, all the way to its actual production at the French Mint (Monnaie de Paris).

The main subject of its 640 color pages are the many “essais” (pattern strikes) and piéforts (double-thick coins) for which the Monnaie de Paris has always been famous, and which are avidly collected throughout the world.

The pieces are all pictured and described in detail, including diameter, weight, fineness, and when available, the number produced. Valuations are given for up to four states of preservation.

The book costs $77.85 plus $5.75 per order for shipping and handling in the United States.

Sample pages may be previewed at, where it can be ordered online.

To order by mail, write to the Coin & Currency Institute, P.O. Box 399, Williston, Vermont 05495.

For additional information, telephone the firm toll free at 800-421-1866, fax it at 802-536-4787, or email it at

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