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French ‘Red Book’ anniversary edition now available in U.S.

The latest edition of the French “Red Book,” more formally known as “Monnaies Francaise,” is now available.

Image courtesy of Coin & Currency Institute.

Monnaies Françaises has been the bible for the coins of modern France since it was first published in 1973.

The 26th edition, subtitled 1789—2023 50th Anniversary edition, is now available from an American distributor.

The book is known as “Le Rouge” (The Red) in French, for the color of the cover, and is published every two years.

The book is authored by Francesco Pastrone and published by Editions Victor Gadoury of Monaco.

The anniversary edition features new chapters and many new photos, showing some of the finest coins sold at the world’s best auctions.

All essais and pieforts have been integrated into the book according to the numbering in the 1989 special edition.

New chapters include coverage on numerous essais, pieforts and proofs of the Convention, Constitution, Louis Philippe, Henri V, the Second Republic and Government of National Défense.

All French coins are reproduced in full-color (obverse and reverse), are briefly described, with valuations in euros given in five states of preservation.

The book has information on all French coins minted since the Revolution of 1789 through the current Fifth Republic in chronological order by denomination (smallest to largest), including both the circulation and collector issues of  France’s modern euro coins.        

Also given are: metal, fineness, weight, diameter, edge, engraver’s name and privy marks. Mintage figures are provided by date and mint mark for each denomination, along with accurate current values in euros in up to five grades. Also included are special sections on commemorative coins, coins of Monaco, coins of Corsica (1736, 1762 to 1768), coins of Saarland (1954 and 1955), and an illustrated guide of all privy marks.

The hardbound book is now 696 full-color pages, and costs $49.95 from distributor Coin & Currency Institute.

Shipping is an additional charge.

To order the book, or learn more, visit the distributor website,

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