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Explorer Christopher Columbus shown on Proof silver €10 coin

Christopher Columbus is the subject of a gold-highlighted Proof 2019 .925 fine silver €10 coin from Italy.

Images courtesy of the Italian State Mint.

Christopher Columbus may have sailed to the Americas under the Spanish flag, but Italy proudly claims the famed explorer as its own. 

He was Italian born, after all, and the American Columbus Day holiday every October is often a catalyst for Italian-Americans to celebrate their heritage.

The Italian State Mint honors the world renowned explorer and navigator with a Proof 2019 .925 fine silver €10 coin. 

The coin is part of the Italian Explorers series

It is described as the first Proof silver coin with partial gold plating ever issued by the Italian Republic.

The coin’s obverse features a portrait of Columbus, from a painting attributed to Ridolfi del Ghirlandaio, held at the Galata Sea Museum in Genoa. 

In the background in gold is a sextant, an instrument used to measure the angular height of a celestial body in relation to the horizon in navigating by the stars. Several stars are also highlighted with gold.

The reverse of the coin shows the three golden caravels sailing around a globe, inspired by a print made by Gustav Adolf Closs in 1892; on the face of the globe, the route of Columbus’ first journey is delineated.

Uliana Pernazza designed the coin. 

The coin weighs 22 grams, measures 34 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 5,000 pieces.

It has a retail price of €55.08, excluding tax.

To order the coin, visit the Italian State Mint website store. 

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