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Deadly and Dangerous series honors Australia’s Bluebottle

The Deadly and Dangerous coin series continues in 2024 with Australia’s Bluebottle, a Man ‘O War aquatic creature. The 1-ounce silver $1 from the program appears here.

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Australia’s Deadly and Dangerous series continues with two new coins showcasing the Pacific Man O’War or “Bluebottle.”

Australians call it the “Bluebottle” because it literally looks like a blue bottle, though it is the same single species as what’s called the Man O’War in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Despite its similarity to a jellyfish, it isn’t a jellyfish at all, though it’s sort of a distant cousin.

The creature is the subject of a 1-ounce silver $1 for Tuvalu and a Proof 2024 1-ounce gold $100 for Niue, both struck by the Perth Mint.

The 2024 Proof .9999 fine silver $1 and 2024 Proof .9999 fine gold $100 coins share similar designs, with nation of issue and metal composition markings the only differences.

The coin are graced with vivid colors and a unique (to say nothing of deadly) creature, according to U.S.-based distributor Talisman Coins.

“If you’re in the water and you spot a Portuguese Man O’ War, head the other way,” the firm said. “This beautiful bad boy of the open ocean has long, poisonous tentacles. Typically, it uses these to ‘fish’ — to sting and kill fish (which it easily does) and then reel them in. But its venom is so powerful it can kill people, too. When its tentacles come into contact with prey (or human skin), they trigger stinging cells, called nematocysts. These are like hundreds of miniature harpoons, piercing their prey and injecting venom!”

Design, mintage details

The reverse of each coin depicts a colorful, lifelike portrait of a large adult Bluebottle Man O’ War, floating on the ocean’s surface at sunrise, while a hapless fish swims perilously below near a coral reef. The legend AUSTRALIA’S BLUEBOTTLE defines the theme.

The obverse carries the Jody Clark effigy of King Charles III and inscriptions indicating the metal composition and fineness.

The coins are encapsulated inside an elegant, luxury presentation case made of highly polished, solid wood and protected by a full-color outer box. An individually numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

The Tuvalu silver coin weighs 31.135 grams and has a 40.9-millimeter  diameter and a mintage limit of 2,500 pieces.

It retails for $99.95 each with quantity discounts available.

The Niue gold coin weighs 31.106 grams and measures 38.6 millimeters in diameter. It has a mintage limit of 150 pieces that retail for $2,999.95 each.

To order, or learn more, visit the distributor website,

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