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Crocodile and great white shark battle on predators coin

The saltwater crocodile and great white shark battle it out on the fourth coin in the Apex Predators series of Proof 5-ounce silver coins with gold plating issued on the behalf of Niue.

Images courtesy of Talisman Coins.

Awesome animals of Australia battle it out on the fourth coin in the Apex Predators series of 5-ounce silver coins from Niue.

The saltwater crocodile and great white shark are the center of attention on the reverse of this Proof 2022 high relief coin.

These powerful beasts are brought together in an epic clash of tooth and jaw. In this dramatic vignette, a huge adult great white shark battles an equally huge adult saltwater crocodile.

The two great beasts, each weighing as much as an automobile, thrash about with mouths agape and 4- to 6-inch teeth at the ready, each seeking an advantage over its adversary.

These two terrifying apex predators are equally matched — both can exceed 20 feet in length and more than a ton in weight.

Few creatures on the planet are as feared as the great white shark.

The saltwater crocodile is the largest reptile on the planet, and hardly terrestrial.

It’s no wonder that clashes between sharks and crocs can be observed off the Australian coast.

Design, specifications

The coin has a Frosted Cameo Proof finish, according to Talisman Coins, the distributor in North America.

The obverse of the coin carries the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The reverse shows the two predators approaching battle. The field is plated in .999 fine gold, so the animals appear in silver. There are no legends on this side to detract from the drama of the vignette.

The coin weighs 157.6 grams and measures 65 millimeters in diameter.

The coins are individually numbered on the edge, and matched with the number of the certificate of authenticity.

Each coin is encapsulated and displayed in a polished, solid wood presentation case, lined with black velvet and protected by a full color outer box.

The coins retail for $389.95 with quantity discounts available.

To order, visit the Talisman Coins’ website,

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