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Croatian coin in Jefferson nickel roll

Found in Rolls column from Aug. 8, 2016, Weekly issue of Coin World:

I really like it when I get to learn something new as a result of my roll searching hobby! This month’s coins came to me as I looked through several rolls of 5-cent coins. Although the dimensions of the two coins found were different, someone apparently placed them both inside the same hand-wrapped roll of 5-cent coins. I have never found coins of the type shown here until now!

Croatia or more specifically, the Republic of Croatia, is an Eastern European country. The sovereign state has long coastlines on the Adriatic Sea, and its capital city is Zagreb. Croatia covers almost 22,000 square miles and is crossed by the Dinaric Alps. Its Adriatic Sea coast includes more than 1,000 islands. 

The coins featured are the 10- and 20-lipa coins and until the discovery of these two pieces, I was completely unfamiliar with Croatian coins.

The central portion of the 10-lipa coin’s obverse depicts the stalk of a tobacco plant in flower. Along the upper rim is written the Croatian name of the plant DUHAN (tobacco). At the bottom edge, beneath the tobacco plant, is the date of 2011. The engraver’s initials KK (Kuzma Kovacic) can be seen if you closely examine the leaf tip closest to the N of DUHAN.

The coin’s reverse shows a stylized linden branch in flower with the denomination 10 LIPA (linden). Around the upper rim is written REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA (The Republic of Croatia). At the lower rim is the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia. To the left and right of the coat of arms is seen a representation of old Croatian braided ornaments. 

The brass-plated steel coin has a plain edge.

Similar in design but smaller in diameter, the obverse of the 20-lipa coin depicts an olive branch with fruit. Along the rim, the Croatian word for olive, MASLINA, can be seen as well as the coin’s date of 1999. The engraver’s initials KK are also barely visible on one of the leaves.

The reverse of this piece shows a stylized linden branch in flower and the denomination of 20 LIPA. REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA can be seen along with the Croatian coat of arms and the stylized braided ornamentation. Struck on a nickel-iron plated steel planchet, this coin also has a plain edge.

You just never know what might show up as you search through rolls. It could be something familiar or something completely new! You can share your finds with me by emailing

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