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Company makes capsules for ancients, nonstandard coins

Product supply company Lighthouse offers Magic Capsules, a new product created to hold ancient and other irregularly shaped coins.

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Coin supply company Lighthouse has developed and launched special packaging for ancient, curved and other irregularly shaped coins.

The “Magic Capsules” were launched in early May, after more than two years of development and research. Two different sizes of the capsules are available on the market, one able to hold coins up to 27 millimeters in diameter, and the other, up to 35 millimeters in diameter.

A special transparent and flexible membrane inside the capsules conforms to the coin, creating an appearance of the coin floating inside the capsule.

The capsules are produced from scratch-resistant polystyrene and are suitable for coins up to seven millimeters in height.

The capsules are interchangeable with some other Lighthouse products meant to hold and display capsules.

The capsules are offered in boxes of six or 50 pieces. Boxes of 27-millimeter size pieces retail for $14.95 and $109.95, and the 35-millimeter size pieces are priced at $16.95 and $125.95.

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