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You bought it: MS-63 1923 Peace dollar, Alexander the Great stater

As part of our continued conversation with our readers, we like to ask Coin World Facebook fans to share about the numismatic acquisitions they've made recently.

Below are the recent purchases and discoveries our fans told us about on Facebook along with the reasoning behind the buys and finds:

  • John Lane: "I bought a 3 piece set of 1909 cents. Indian head, VDB & plain. (I couldn't afford an S mint)."
  • John Di Gregorio: "Bought a 1923 peace error...graded MS63"
  • Wally Reed: "Bought a Alexander the Great Stater"
  • Jack Kennedy: "Franklin half, MS 62. I always wanted one. Kinda collected Kennedy halves so a Franklin half would be cool to have"
  • Bryan Cleaver: "1877 Indan Head cent in vg condition"
  • Phil N. Molé: "A nice XF-AU 1925 Peace dollar."
  • Adam Gilmore: "I bought two 1909 S Lincoln cents graded PCGS MS64RD. One is the S/Horizontal S and the other is the regular S. Once I get them in hand, I will decide which I like better and sell the other."
  • Eugene Rivera: "One ounce Rhodium bar"
Want us to add your weekend purchase to the list? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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