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Shop in England needs 4.6 million coins to set record

1. Leaving a trail

A charity shop in England hopes to raise enough in donated coins to set the world record for the longest trail of coins, according to the Surrey Mirror.

The current record stands at 46.75 miles. The shop, Script in Merstham, needs 4.6 million coins in order to break that mark.

"Script's owners, who also have a branch in West Sussex, decided to attempt the feat to raise awareness of their cause – helping women in Calcutta – as well as funds," the Mirror report reads.

2. Continental coin

Eurozone members will issue a joint circulating commemorative €2 coin program this year that was announced during the World Money Fair in Berlin. 

3. Reagan coin: yay or nay?

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4. Sir Winston

Our in-depth series on Sir Winston Churchill's place in numismatics rolls on:

An abundance of coins and medals depict Sir Winston Churchill in war and peace

5. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce at 10:48 a.m. ET Tuesday:

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7. Being social

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