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Circulating Russian 25-ruble coin salutes health workers

A new circulating commemorative 25-ruble coin from Russia honors health-care workers amid the global pandemic.

Images courtesy of the Central Bank of Russia.

Russia has released a circulating commemorative 25-ruble coin to honor health-care workers amid the global pandemic.

The obverse of the coin depicts the national coat of arms of the Russian Federation and an inscription identifying the Russian Federation as the issuer of the coin, an inscription translating to “Bank of Russia,” the coin’s face value (25 rubles), and the year of issue 2020.

The reverse shows two medical workers — a man and a woman — in protective suits, holding paramedic boxes, against the background of a hospital and an ambulance.

“The commemorative coin dedicated to the selfless labour of health workers has been issued in commemoration of the bravery, commitment and real acts of heroism on the part of doctors and medical staff during the pandemic,” according to the Central Bank of Russia.

The copper-nickel 25-ruble coin was released Oct. 12.

The coin weighs 10 grams, measures 27 millimeters in diameter, and has a mintage limit of 5 million pieces.

The face value is equivalent to about 32 cents U.S.

Collectors will have to search the secondary market to obtain the coin in the United States of America.

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